Custom Gift Boxes by Fresh Suds Soapery

Looking for a gift with a personal touch? A customised gift box full of luxurious,
all-natural Fresh Suds products shows that special someone how much you care.
You can build your gift box by following a few easy steps.

How to Design your gift box:

Step 1 - Select 2 or more products from any of our collections to add to your shopping
cart. You can pick up to 10 items. (Minimum 2 for each order)
Step 2 - Explore the wrapping options and choose your preference.
Step 3 - In the notes section of your shopping cart, please leave us any special

Packaging and Sustainability

An important part of our brand at Fresh Suds Soapery is sustainability. We are a
plastic-free company, so our packaging and wrapping is eco-friendly, allowing for
a zero-waste gift box. We use recyclable tissue paper, stickers, shredded paper
and kraft cardboard boxes to keep your items safe during shipping. Gift boxes
are tucked into an additional cardboard box for added protection.
You should feel confident that the package will arrive intact in order for your
recipient to see the thoughtfulness of the gift. We take extra care to ensure that
every detail in your gift box is exactly as you envision it, so it becomes a
treasured memory for both you and the receiver.
Available gift wrapping:
1 - Hemp cord tie with stamped box and tag
**link here to put in cart with photo
2 - Fresh Suds Soapery wrapping paper, hemp cord and tag
**link here to put in cart with photo
3 - Blue dot wrapping paper with hemp cord and tag
**link here to put in cart with photo

Custom Gift Messaging

We understand the desire to personalise your gift. You have the option to include
a hand-written message by one of our dedicated team members on an
eco-friendly tag that will be included in the gift box. All you need to do is add this
choice and we will make sure that your personal note is included.
Please ensure that your message is clear in the order notes.

Box 1 - one Forest Sunrise, one Purple Mallee, one Bamboo, one French Sea
Salt and one All-natural Sea Sponge.
Wrap - Blue Dot wrapping paper option
Message - With all our love, Mom and Dad

Greeting cards

For an additional and thoughtful idea, you could purchase a special greeting card
where we’ll take the time to hand write your personal message and place it in the
gift box, making that gift all the more unique. Order your greeting card here.
**link here to put in cart with photo

Sending your gift box

All you need to do is fill in the lucky recipient's address in the shipping fields in
your order. Any special instructions can be listed in the order notes.
If you are making an order for more than one person, we kindly request that you
make a separate order for each individual gift box. That way we can ensure that
each order is prepared and shipped properly.

Is there anything else in the gift box?

Along with the items that you order for your custom gift box, we will include a
card that tells the recipient a little bit about us at Fresh Suds Soapery, and thank
them for supporting our small business. The card includes our online contact
information in case there is anything we can help them with.
To show our appreciation, we also include a discount card for their first online
purchase. They can try something new or reorder a favourite item from our
catalogue of artisan products.
Our aim at Fresh Suds Soapery is to show our customers how much we care
about their satisfaction with our products. We want to be thoughtful about every
detail of your gift in order to offer the most memorable and positive experience.