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The Benefits of Purple Brazilian Clay for your skin

Fresh Suds Soapery would like to introduce our bar of the month for January 2024 - Purple Mallee!
What makes our Purple Mallee so special? It's a stand out natural soap clay bar because of its gorgeous purple colour and the incredible benefits to your skin. The natural purple colour comes from a mineral in the clay - Magnesium. This mineral helps to enhance the moisture levels in the skin and improve elasticity.
Here are some of the benefits that we've found when using our natural clay bar:
- The purple clay is a wonderful natural colourant in the bar. It can go from a light lavender to a more deeper purple. Here at Fresh Suds Soapery, our bars have a darker colour because we use three teaspoons of clay per ten bars to maximize the benefits of the clay.
- It can help prevent your skin from absorbing environmental contaminants and impurities. The minerals help to form a barrier from pollutants in the air.
- it detoxifies your skin leaving it balanced and toned.
These benefits make your skin look and feel hydrated and radiant. In addition to the clay, every bar in our Deluxe collection is made with Aloe extract, cocoa butter, Apricot Kernel oil and over 40% Olive oil. All of our recipes are palm free and vegan.
You can't go wrong with the addition of Purple Brazilian Clay to your skin care routine. It works well as both a facial and body bar.
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