Onward Bound… to the Fall Handcrafted Expo in Cloverdale - Fresh Suds Soapery

Onward Bound… to the Fall Handcrafted Expo in Cloverdale

Fresh Suds Soapery will be at the Fall Handcrafted Expo in Cloverdale on September 30th, 2023. We are so excited to attend! Come visit our booth, where you will find soap from our online collection, at special market prices.
Joins us and experience a selection of curated soaps that are exclusive to the Expo:
Bridal Falls: This special edition of our traditional Tree Salad line merges Kaolin clay with a breezy Waterfall scent that will carry you off to the forest which surrounds one of BC’s many natural landmarks. (Market Price: $10)
Rejuvenate: This French green clay bar brightens your morning mood with notes of peppermint. It’s a wonderful pick-me-up that doesn’t overpower and leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, and at peace. (Market Price: $10)
Bamboo: Our Bamboo Bar is a brine bar featuring pink Himalayan salt with a relaxing bamboo scent. It has a number of skincare benefits including mild and natural exfoliation that helps remove dead skin cells. Himalayan salt has been known to promote blood circulation, and can be soothing for common skin issues. We’ve added French Pink Clay, which gives this bar a naturally pink colour. (Market Price: $8)
We are also bringing two Special Edition bars to the Handcrafted Expo. Both include a unique scent, and special soap embeds and icing, that add a little extra to these fabulous luxury soaps.
Mango Papaya: With light green icing and an embed reminiscent of a wedge of that sweet fruit, this special bar will look amazing next to your sink. Its scent makes this soap seem good enough to eat! (Market Price: $12)
Lavender: This special bar has light green icing with purple flower and dragonfly embeds. It is whimsical, bright, and has a fabulous lavender scent that transports you to luscious meadows. (Market Price: $12)
Be sure to check out these exclusive bars! They are handmade in small batches and are available only at the Handmade Expo, in a limited amount.
We are so looking forward to being a part of the Fall Handcrafted Expo in Cloverdale, this year! If you don’t already have your tickets, they can be purchased at the door, or by going to the Expo’s website. We look forward to seeing you there!
It means so much to us that you have supported our local, women-owned and operated business. Come by to touch and smell our soaps, and take home a free sample and a special card, which offers 10% off your first online purchase!
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